2015 Annual Nanrantsouak Memorial Gathering

August 23 – Mid Day til Dusk

Mizi Negewet kamigwezoi

(Families Gathered Together)


Nemikkwaldamnana Nanrantsouak

(We Remember Norridgewock)

Please join us for the annual gathering at Nanrantsouak located off father Rasle Road in Madison, Maine. Nanrantsouak, as many people already know, is a historic Wabanaki village on the Kennebec River, which was assaulted by English colonial soldiers in August of 1724. Many families were killed and many others removed under duress from their homes and community to seek refuge in other Wabanaki communities around the region. Although many history books will claim that the families left forever, some returned to the Kennebec to live in smaller groups, and some continue to live in the area today, while many others married into and had children with Wabanaki people in other communities. We come together each August to remember our relatives and ancestors, those who lost their lives during the attack, as well as those who lost their lives due to the continual impacts of settler colonialism, including the effects of historical trauma; and to celebrate our physical and cultural survival and our hope for our future generations.

The gathering is community-style with a corn roast and potluck of healthy and largely local and traditional foods.  The Nanrantsouak gathering is a time to rekindle friendships and relations, while making new friendships and building community.

The gathering typically begins after runners and paddlers have arrived anywhere from midday (noon) to midafternoon, and lasts until dusk. Feel welcome to bring a healthy food dish to share. Please bring camp chairs to sit upon, and we would really appreciate folks being prepared to carry-in/carry-out any food scraps and trash as there are NO trash receptacles at the site.

Contacts for the gathering are:

Ashley Smith <ashelizsmith@gmail.com> – General Information

Kyle Lolar <Klolar15@gmail.com> – General Information

Mark Ranco <mranco62@yahoo.com> – Paddling Activities