Sweet Land Farm – Starks, 2017

Jay Robinson, owner of Sweet Land Farm in Starks, Maine gave us one of the most wonderful gifts we could hope for: he opened his land to indigenous people to work toward recovery of women-led traditional three sisters mound agriculture. The significance of this gift cannot be underscored enough. This was the first time in over 250 years that Wabanaki descendants of the original Abenaki Norridgewock village have been invited back on their appropriated homeland to grow food in the very places their ancestors did for thousands of years. Jay asked for nothing in return for this gift. We have been finding small ways to say thank you, and one of them was to organize a crew to help Jay harvest his own pumpkins, melons, and squash. We had just met the folks from Primitive Skills School the previous weekend and they decided they wanted to be part of our reciprocity circle by coming out to help with the harvest. In return, we gave them a tour of the planting field, along with many of the permaculture plants and medicines on the farm. We also took a walk on the Sandy River, where we showed them a deposit of spectacular marine clay. They took a little bit back with them for projects!