Giving Thanks Drive 2019

Gedakina's annual

As you probably know GEDAKINA has been doing a Thanksgiving Turkey, food basket/grocery gift card program since we became a “formal nonprofit organization” back in 2002. Before GEDAKINA, founding members helped to start and fund the Fiddlehead Food Pantry, an indigenous run food pantry in Bangor/Brewer Maine for several years up till 2000. Before that, founding members basically just helped out as best they could, sharing groceries and food to family and community members in need whenever possible. Sharing what we can with extended family and friends, our community members is an indigenous tradition that many of us were brought up with. Even when times were tough and money was tight we shared what we could from the garden, from hunting and fishing, and from the harvesting of wild edibles; berries, nuts etc.

GEDAKINA’s Thanksgiving Program continues this tradition in our communities and for community and family members as best we can; and thanks to generous monetary donations we distribute a fair amount of turkeys, food boxes and grocery gift cards during the Thanksgiving Holiday. Our programs like Natures Garden seeks to address food insecurity and support traditional and natural food systems on a year round basis as well.Beyond GEDAKINA’s efforts – if you can reach out to a community member, some Elders, ask a Boys & Girls Club or other tribal youth program if they need any help in getting food to Elders and other community members – please help as best you can.
I was told that in the old days, precontact, that we would hang corn masks and other welcoming signs outside our lodges so that folks knew they could get a hot meal or some provisions if they needed them; and that our leaders were known for their generosity and that they gave as much as they could to help their people; and that our peoples looked out for each other because we are really all family.
Thanks for your support – and may you all have a Thanksgiving full of family and friends.
Donations can be made through Paypal or by check to: GEDAKINA – PO BOX 9061  Essex, VT 05451