COVID-19 Rapid Response

In cooperation with our generous funders, Nellie Mae Educational Foundation, Bay & Paul Foundation, Novo Foundation and New Perennials Rapid Response Funding with Middlebury College, Gedakina was able to assist 48 families with financial assistance; they will received 4 monthly payments starting in the month of March.  This immediate response was able to help provide food and basics for families who lost income due to the global pandemic.  We also were able to provide pre-payments for heat assistance for this coming winter.  Lastly, we provided fishing poles and seeds to start personal gardens to provide nutrition, food sovereignty and healthy living. As an organization we saw a generous wave of donations to assist us in providing for these families and are deeply moved by the generosity of our community and those we are connected with.  We know the pandemic is far from over and that its effects will be far reaching so thank you to our funders and donors to make this assistance a possibility to those who are in need at this time in our communities.