Elders and Youth Councils

Youth Leadership Council

The goal of our youth leadership council is to cultivate alliances among Native American youth from across northern New England, and for the youth to help guide the direction of Gedakina’s initiatives and activities. To this end we seek to revitalize the traditions of group deliberation, or “thinking with one mind,” and consensus-building discussion in which everyone has a voice. We also seek to teach youth the history of the leaders who rebuilt our communities in times of devastation and loss. Through combining dialogue with hands-on outdoor activities, we enable youth to absorb the skills and philosophies of organizing without confining them in a classroom or a “top down” environment. We want youth to be able to see themselves as participants and leaders in their communities, on both a local and regional scale. Through the Youth Leadership Council and it’s activities we hope to teach youth that cultivating peace and social justice takes all of us working together – conflict and divisiveness may be pervasive, but we can empower ourselves to build the alliances that will heal.

Elders Council

The Elders Council is composed of Native American Elders from across the region who share their knowledge and experience with our staff and young people providing guidance and support for Gedakina’s initiatives and activities.