Guiding Council

GEDAKINA follows a traditional indigenous methodology of leadership where leadership has equal Voice – and decisions are made through consensus; with careful deliberation of how decisions will impact the current and next seven generations.

Merrit Baer, J.D., is a double Harvard graduate with experience in all three branches of government and a strong publication record. She is a leader in Internet policy, an entrepreneur and a technology company expert. (General Counsel)

Vivian Cammack, (Mohawk), is General Manager of the Four Points Sheraton in Bangor, Maine.

Judy Dow, (Winooski Abenaki), is the Executive Director of SABA, and a life-long award winning educator who specializes in sharing indigenous knowledge with children. Judy is also on the Board of Directors for OYATE and the Native American Scouting Association.

Kahente Horn-Miller, PhD, (Mohawk) earned her Doctorate in 2008 at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Kahente, a former Sun Visiting Aboriginal scholar, is an Assistant Professor of Canadian History at Carlton University.

Rick Pouliot, (Meguntuc Abenaki) has over forty years of experience in program and fiscal management, and in providing consulting and professional development services, in the nonprofit and for-profit business sectors. Rick also worked in the Vermont public school system for four years as a Behavioral Interventionist and is a ten-year military veteran.

Marc Ranco, MSW, LCSW, (Penobscot), is a social worker with the Veterans Administration at Togus. (ME)

Susan Soctomah, M.S.W. LCSW, (Passamaquoddy), is a licensed clinical social worker presently employed as a medical social worker with an outpatient mental health agency in Bangor, Maine.