Guiding Council

GEDAKINA follows a traditional indigenous methodology of leadership where leadership has equal Voice – and decisions are made through consensus; with careful deliberation of how decisions will impact the current and next seven generations.

Merrit Baer, J.D., is a double Harvard graduate with experience in all three branches of government and a strong publication record. She is a leader in Internet policy, an entrepreneur and a technology company expert. (General Counsel)

Judy Dow, (Winooski Abenaki), is the Executive Director of SABA, and a life-long award winning educator who specializes in sharing indigenous knowledge with children. Judy is also on the Board of Directors for OYATE and the Native American Scouting Association.

Kahente Horn-Miller, PhD, (Mohawk) earned her Doctorate in 2008 at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec. Kahente, a former Sun Visiting Aboriginal scholar, is an Assistant Professor of Canadian History at Carlton University.

Marc Ranco, MSW, LCSW, (Penobscot), is a social worker with the Veterans Administration at Togus. (ME)

Susan Soctomah, M.S.W. LCSW, (Passamaquoddy), is a licensed clinical social worker presently employed as a medical social worker with an outpatient mental health agency in Bangor, Maine.