Guiding Council

GEDAKINA follows a traditional indigenous methodology of leadership where leadership has equal Voice – and decisions are made through consensus; with careful deliberation of how decisions will impact the current and next seven generations.

Judy Dow, (Winooski Abenaki), Executive Director of SABA, and a life-long award-winning educator who specializes in sharing indigenous knowledge with children. Judy is also on the Board of Directors for OYATE and the Native American Scouting Association. (Essex, Vermont)

Kristi Ricker, RN-BC, CARN, (Passamaquoddy/Maliseet) – working to serve Native communities is a passion and a career.  With degrees in Nursing and Liberal Studies with concentrations in Criminal Justice and Sociology, experience working in the health and public health sectors she is focused on developing programs and services for those tribal people living with substance use disorder and those who are actively in recovery.

Gedakina is currently looking for new members to join our Guiding Council!  If you’re interested, please contact us